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Logo Redesign

Improving a visual brand for a local catering company and tasting room to better represent the culinary inspiration and foundation on which it was created.

Upohar World Kitchen first opened in the Lancaster community in 2011. Created as an expression of the owner’s passion for culture, food, and the history of global cuisine, Upohar embarked on the journey of introducing the gift of authentic food to others.

The Challenge

After the COVID-19 pandemic began, Upohar was looking to refine their business presence as well as strengthen the core of their business — the catering company. With a focus on growing catering for special and corporate events, it was important for the new logo to be adaptable. In order to expand brand awareness, it was also essential to find a way to represent their worldly menu.

Our Strategy

Inspired by the story of Upohar’s owner, the refugees, and immigrant chefs, and their future goals, we eagerly began developing a rustic, modernized brand. Our design team created a hand-carved stamp to ensure the final logo retained the handmade, warm quality that defines Upohar. This icon personifies the centuries-old, worldly recipes and cuisines offered.

The Results

Ultimately, we were able to truly connect with the owner of Upohar and understand the true, heartfelt connection the catering business has to her and the Lancaster community at large. From there, we were able to update the logo and brand standards for Upohar World Kitchen. As a result, they now have the branding tools to get back to the core values and offerings of global cuisine locally and in a digital manner.

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