The Stan Deen Foundation


Launching a new charity website to improve the lives of children and teens who’ve lived through traumatic events and honor a beloved teacher, Stan Deen.

The Stan Deen Foundation is a Lancaster, PA-based 501c3 charity organization with a mission to support and improve the lives of children and teen survivors of traumatic events, including witnesses to or victims of domestic violence or drug abuse. Partnering with local and national foundations, The Stan Deen Foundation can provide a variety of services like counseling, mission retreats, humanitarian experiences, college tuition assistance, and more. The charity is named after Stan Deen, a beloved English teacher who took in a student, Nate Deen, during some of his darkest years; ultimately saving his life. 

The Challenge

After creating a feature film on Stan and Nate Deen’s lives, The Stan Deen Foundation wanted to develop a website to continue highlighting Stan’s selflessness in helping struggling teens and children. The Foundation’s main goal for its website was to have a donation feature, showcase stories of survivors, and create a page for upcoming and past events. While they wanted to feature the film on the website, it was to be a small portion as it only tells part of the story.

Our Strategy

The first step was to work with The Stan Deen Foundation on the overall design of the website. We created three different options, each with a different style and theme. From there, the client selected the theme that best represented Stan, a newspaper-style layout with annotations to represent the marks he would make on students’ papers as he graded. Our development team then got to work on building the website and adding all the stylistic features that were unique to Stan. Before launch, we worked closely with The Stan Deen Foundation on testing the website to ensure everything worked properly and was the best representation of them.

The Results

The website now provides a solid platform for The Stan Deen Foundation to drive traffic to the site in conjunction with the promotion of the newly released film. When attending film festivals and promoting the website on social media, The Stan Deen Foundation can introduce the non-profit and provide film viewers with a direct call to action to learn more while approaching their goal of increasing overall brand awareness.

“We love this site and are so happy with it. It feels like it was made for Stan. Thank you so much to the Tower Marketing team for everything!”

Nathaniel Deen, Founder of The Stan Deen Foundation

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