Pennian Bank


Redesigning a website to focus on the user experience for potential and existing customers and gather pertinent banking service information and resources.

Since 1864, Pennian Bank has provided services to customers across Central Pennsylvania. A complete provider of banking services, they serve customers with a local-first mentality through personal and business banking, checking, savings, cash and wealth management, mortgage and home equity, insurance, investment services, and more. 

The Challenge

Pennian Bank’s goal is to establish ongoing brand recognition with a user-friendly website interface for potential and existing customers to gather pertinent information and resources. Their previous website was four years old and in need of a new, modern design including backend functionality to easily update rates and ever-changing information on services without relying heavily on a website developer.

Our Strategy

The first step was to work with Pennian Bank on the overall design of the website. We created two unique layout options, each with a different style and theme. From there, the client selected the theme that best differentiated Pennian Bank from the competition, while maintaining their brand standards. Our development team then began building the website and including all the stylistic features to make the site interactive and showcase the variety of services offered. Prior to launch, we closely collaborated with Pennian Bank, their IT department, and the previous website developer to test the website—ensuring everything worked properly, domain redirects were set in place, and all existing site files were carried over.

The Results

Delivered on time and within budget, the website provides a solid platform for Pennian Bank to drive traffic and capture qualified leads with a higher likelihood of conversion across a contact page and online banking integrations. The client is already utilizing the backend of the website by seamlessly making necessary rate changes, alert bar updates, and banner callouts.

“Over 8 months in the making, we worked to make sure the user experience was top of mind. The website is now easier to navigate, provides more information, and is optimized for search. Thanks to our team at Tower Marketing for a great experience!”

Heather Miltenberger, Director of Marketing and Business Services

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