K&W Tire

Hankook Ad Campaign

Annual co-op dollars provided K&W Tire with the opportunity to reach new customers through targeted messaging and promotions.

Hankook Tire is one of the largest tire retailers in the world and K&W Tire is proud to offer those tires to their customers in retail stores throughout Pennsylvania and Vermont.  Through the Hankook co-op program, K&W Tire has advertising dollars to use to help promote the sale of Hankook tires and K&W service appointments.

The Challenge

When first presented with the request of a Hankook Tire campaign, we had about a 2 week period to collect information, create ad design and content, and execute the campaign. Since we were just beginning our partnership, we needed to quickly understand the client’s brand and how their value proposition would resonate with their target audience.

Our Strategy

We quickly worked with the client and their partner at Hankook to collect assets and understand the boundaries of their co-op advertising spend reimbursement. Then, we pulled together our PPC, design, and social media advertising teams to break down the $17,000 co-op credit. We determined that Spotify advertising, text and display PPC ads, and Facebook and Instagram ads with a $50 customer incentive would be the best way to reach their customers quickly and effectively.

The Results

Within a 1 month period, we were able to expand K&W’s brand awareness on social media, internet radio, and paid advertising channels exponentially. Social media advertising alone reached over 560,000 users with over 100 unique ad clicks to claim the $50 offer. All PPC advertising efforts resulted in over 2,000 clicks to their retail locations pages.

Services Provided

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