Website Redesign

Transferring a robust eCommerce website to a new platform while offering new customer-centric features and improved user experience.

Continental is an educational publisher of supplemental K-12 materials for schools across the United States and internationally. With a focus on ESL and ELL learners, Continental is dedicated to continuing to provide materials that will help increase the effectiveness of these programs. Other subject areas of proficiency include reading, English language arts, mathematics, Common Core, and state test prep.

The Challenge

With an impending extinction of their current Magento platform, Continental had to determine whether they would continue on in the succession of the Magento platform or make the transition to the WooCommerce system. After much discussion and consideration of the flexibility offered in WordPress, Continental decided to redesign their website within WooCommerce alongside customer interface upgrades and features.

Our Strategy

We began with a rough layout of the homepage and product pages to take all of the information that we learned through years of internet marketing and digital marketing partnership into practice. From there, we were able to make recommendations to Continental that offered their customers the ability to build a cart of preferred materials for approval and ultimate purchase.

Additionally, we made sure that the structure of the site was key to the continued success of Continental’s internet marketing strategy. This allowed for contingencies and functionality requirements to be worked through before the product import process and site build.

The Results

The new website has allowed Continental to present a modernized design that highlights the strengths of their visual branding and provides information for customers in a digestible manner. We’ve also been able to successfully release an Email a Cart feature that is used regularly by current, and future, customers. Finally, the WooCommerce CMS has provided both marketing and customer service teams with the ability to improve efficiency in order processing and regular site management.

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