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Comprehensive Internet Marketing

Assisting businesses through consultative accounting and finance needs ranging from CFO support, mergers and acquisitions, and IPOs.

Centri Consulting is a dedicated team of experts that are focused on the growth, success, and support of their clients. With the capacity to serve a nationwide — and even international — market, Centri is able to bring financial and accounting consulting services to customers in need. Their approach provides you with a comforting experience that ensures efficiency and expertise in every conversation.

The Challenge

With an in-house marketing team, Centri was looking for support specifically in internet marketing. Their internal team was proficient at managing internal communications, supporting partners’ thought leadership, and growing business development. What really makes the relationship with Centri unique is that they valued the potential of an organic internet marketing strategy before ever having one in place.

Our Strategy

As a part of the comprehensive internet marketing strategy, we were able to use each service as a building block of future success. We’ll take a more granular look at each service below.


To kick off working together, we conducted an in-depth user experience study of their website. We looked at the design, code, content intent and tone, and key SEO user and ranking factors. From there, we were able to offer a third-party perspective on the site’s usability and foundation for internet marketing. We developed a list of remediation priorities that allowed us to implement web design and development fixes that would have impact.

SEO & Local SEO

Our SEO strategies remained fundamental to really set the stage for years of organic growth. We started the client in the phase of a marketing strategy that is geared towards improving brand awareness and developing a clean online profile. We’ve worked to add lead generation forms to each of their service and industry pages to allow for better tracking. Most importantly, our SEO team worked hand-in-hand with our content marketing team to build a portfolio of keyword-rich content.

Content Marketing

After the initial strategy phase of internet marketing, our team got right to work with determining priority service pages that needed content attention. Over the course of the first year of their campaign, we’ve successfully worked through optimizing, and updating, the content across all of their service and most industry pages. Doing so has helped us to improve the keyword performance and diversity in the SERPs.

Social Media Advertising

The initial social media advertising campaigns run under Centri’s account were helping to increase brand awareness and capability highlights on Facebook. After a period of refinement and A/B testing, we determined that the platform was not the best fit for the needs of our strategy. At that point, we shifted Centri’s social advertising focus to LinkedIn. In that space, we’re able to offer a native lead generation form and better targeting of their professional target audience persona.


Our PPC campaign launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, Centri was looking for an aggressive approach to this push marketing tactic. Prior to the pandemic, Centri was a frequent participant in industry mixers, trade shows, and association meetings. Since all of those in-person events moved to a virtual setting, the business development opportunities dwindled. We were able to successfully use PPC advertising to replace that lead development. Over the year, we’ve adapted the campaign to focus on service lines of importance and pinpoint key industries of growth.

The Results

The results of Centri’s internet marketing efforts continue to improve month-after-month. They’ve seen a 69% increase in sessions to the site compared to last year. Additionally, they are being found for more non-branded keywords each month, demonstrating success of an organic search strategy. Their social media lead generation campaigns continue to reach a targeted audience likely to engage with Centri. And finally, their PPC campaigns have seen a 113% increase in impressions and 70% increase in click-through-rate compared to May 2020.

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Web Services
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