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Differentiating a home-grown brand in a crowded marketplace of outdoor gear giants.

Enwild is a family-owned outdoor equipment and clothing retailer based in Manheim, PA that has grown to compete with major companies on a national level. They came to us when they were still known as Backcountry Edge. This name was the source of their major challenge: a company with nearly the same brand name had grown to become their fiercest competition. As a result, they were struggling to maintain their brand presence and differentiate themselves in what had become a crowded market.

The Challenge

Backcountry Edge needed a fresh new name, logo, and presence that would win back their brand equity and help them compete nationally among some of the industry’s biggest players. The new name needed to bring in new customers, while staying true to their roots and retaining their most loyal fans.

Our Strategy

We developed a full strategic plan to guide Backcountry Edge seamlessly into their new brand. We started with research, interviews, and good old-fashioned collaboration, which led us to a brand name: Enwild. Once we found a name that everyone loved, the team set to work developing key brand pieces like t-shirts, packaging tape, throw-in cards, and Enwild’s new “best of” guide.

During each step of the process, collaboration was key. It was a joy to work with Enwild’s team to ensure that every element felt just right, and that the new brand was something we all could be proud of.

The Results

Enwild’s new rugged, but approachable, brand was driven by a passion for getting outdoors. It returned them to their roots and their commitment to serving their customers, while opening new doors for their internet marketing and brand presence through their unique new name. We’re pleased to have developed a brand that so aptly reflects Enwild’s passion and friendly nature.

“The team at Tower rolled up their sleeves and dove deep into our business. They listened well and worked hand-in-hand with us to find a brand name that honestly captured the essence of our brand and its people. Their guidance, insights, and persistence were instrumental in our becoming Enwild.”

Jason Grantz, Former Marketing Manager, Enwild

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