Email Marketing Automation

The Power Of Getting Personal

Build a good relationship with your subscribers by speaking their language and sending the right message at the right time. With email marketing automation, you can nurture prospects through every stage of the buyer journey and save your team time. 

Make Repetitive
Tasks Easier

Rather than manually sending thank you emails, event reminders, or welcome newsletters to new subscribers, we can help you build automated email campaigns that do it all seamlessly.

Make It Simple For Your Team

From moving clients through a CRM system to setting up reminders to send to your sales team, we’ll help you explore all your options and execute the right solutions that save everyone time. That way your team can focus on the areas that matter most to grow your business.

Bring All The Pieces Together

Tower’s email marketing automation experts will help you explore ways your platform can connect your efforts across different channels. For example, helping you integrate your automation data and flows with social media platforms, advertising campaigns, an eCommerce site, or Eventbrite registrations, to name a few.

If you don’t yet have an automation platform or are looking to upgrade, we’ll also help guide you toward affordable and robust solutions.

31% Open Rate

Crafting A Welcoming Experience

Artisan was leveraging paid social advertising to attract leads and Tower saw an opportunity to use their current automation platform to connect with those leads to create a personalized welcome experience.

Automation helped continue to nurture the relationship right after someone submitted a form on social and continue engaging with them.

Our Approach To Effective
Email Marketing Automation

When it comes to marketing automation, there are a lot of strategic pieces to think through. But we always lean into the same guiding principles so you walk away with efficient and effective solutions.

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Catch your contacts’ attention in their inbox or on their device.

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Show that you’re an expert and develop your brand’s credibility.

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Reach new users and create an opportunity to connect.

Whether you’re looking for answers to your marketing questions or want a project quote, our email marketing automation experts are happy to talk.

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