trypillian village

Branding & Logo Design

Establishing a visual foundation for a retirement community and church center for those with Ukrainian heritage.

A local community leader had a vision. He had a large plot of land and wanted to build a church center and retirement community for people from his home country of Ukraine.

The Challenge

Our client had a vision, but needed something concrete to get the attention of his niche audience – Ukrainian senior citizens in Pennsylvania and across the Mid-Atlantic.

Our Strategy

The first step was to brainstorm a name that would reflect the community’s Ukrainian heritage and its purpose. With the client, we eventually landed on Trypillian Village, named for the spiritual birthplace of present-day Ukraine. We then built a brand and website that would resonate with the appropriate audience, featuring red, black, and white swirling patterns found on ancient clay Trypillian pottery.

The Results

Our client’s initial vision became a reality with the first renderings and eventually the ground-breaking of his future community. At the launch of Trypillian Village’s website, half of the units of his community had already been reserved.

“We put our faith in Tower to help us reach a very niche audience…and it succeeded. We had commitments on 40% of the units before building was even set to begin!”

Yuri Markewich, Project Director

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