Continental press

Custom Web Solution

Simplifying teachers’ online shopping experience with a custom eCommerce web solution.

Continental Press is a publishing company with a range of materials and resources for teachers and students. They specialize in early literacy, reading, English language arts, mathematics, and state test preparation, and have become a leader in developing programs for English Language Learners (ELLs).

The Challenge

In school systems, classroom teachers can choose the materials and resources they want to use, but the ordering of these products is typically done by office administrators. The challenge was finding a way to enhance a teacher’s online ordering experience and make it easy for them to share the specific products they were requesting (and the number of products they required) with their administrative team.

Our Strategy

To simplify the approval process, our team of developers created a custom feature called “Email-a-Cart.” Instead of sending individual items to their school administrators or district, teachers could use this tool to send their entire cart with the product details, number of items, and pricing, with a simple click. And Continental Press would have access to more data points they could use in their marketing.

The Results

Through the integration of this custom web solution, the client has seen 200 email cart actions completed from June 2023 to March 2024 alone. This has worked not only to boost overall revenue and sales but also to build a larger loyal customer base.

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