Season 1

S1 E1 :: How One Connection Can Change the Trajectory of Your Career

  • Lily Doerschuk
  • Alex Spease
Lily and Alex S

Welcome to Season 1 where across 6 episodes, we meet with guests from various backgrounds in Lancaster County who support and uplift individuals and the business community. 

From well-known Lancaster businesses, nonprofits, and even our own agency, we’re diving into how these marketers use different tactics to leave an impact in their organizations and beyond. 

In This Episode

Lily and Alex sit down with Brianna Titi, the Business Development Officer at the EDC (Economic Development Company), to talk about how she networks and build relationships in Lancaster County. 

From being your authentic self, to engaging on LinkedIn, we’ll dive into all the ways Brianna has been able to make lasting impressions on the Lancaster Community.

Special Guest

Brianna Titi

Business Development Office, EDC of Lancaster County

Your Hosts

Alex Spease
Alex S
Lily Doerschuk

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Episode Transcript

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