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A visually engaging, content-rich newsletter series showcasing culinary offerings to bolster local tourism.

Strasburg Rail Road caters to guests of all ages by offering a variety of experiences — many of which center around food. In addition to the option to savor a meal aboard the train, guests can visit Café 1832 at the station, or plan their catered event in the newly renovated Lefever Hall.

The Challenge

With their storied history and unique setting, Strasburg Rail Road needed to leverage a platform that could effectively convey the charm and allure of their dining opportunities. From wine and cheese tastings to special dining events on the train, they offered fun for foodies of all ages and wanted to get the word out.

Our Strategy

By showcasing captivating imagery of the picturesque atmosphere and cuisine, we aim to immerse readers in the exceptional ambiance of Strasburg Rail Road. We also include critical details at a glance, including price, event duration, and age requirements.

Additionally, segmentation based on user activity allows us to grow their email list naturally and maintain a highly engaged audience.

The Results

Open rates for these emails can reach as high as 60% — 3 times more than an average newsletter. The pivotal click-to-open rate is often 25% (or higher). 

Over a 6-month period, these monthly messages also resulted in $12,220 worth of ticket sales that could be attributed directly to email marketing.

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