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For many of our clients, web design and development go hand and hand. While it is important for your website to function properly behind the scenes, it is also important that a website looks great and is easy for users to navigate and experience (UX). The world of websites are moving at lighting speed, but our web design team has its hand on the pulse of the most recent applications and techniques to make your website redesign stand out among your competitors.

Tower Marketing uses a variety of elements that are fundamental to web design principles, such as: typography, color and navigation, graphics and animation. We will work with you to establish your goals and users’ needs. The creative process includes detailed wire-frames to help demonstrate the big picture of your website design. Our designers’ talents shine as they use color, typography, images and fine details to make engaging and memorable sites.


Responsive Web Design

Your audience is on the move and the best way to capture their attention is by using responsive web design. This will allow your website to be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop. Because the screen dimensions of a smartphone can be drastically smaller than a desktop screen, our in-house web designers will create a custom website design specifically with the mobile user’s best interests in mind.


Designing With WordPress

Sometimes clients hear WordPress and become afraid that their vision is going to be pulled inside of a small box. It is actually the exact opposite. We use WordPress as the foundation to create a strong site, but then customize any additional elements of the web design to make a unique site the is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


eCommerce Web Design

Our responsive web design services also includes custom designs for e-commerce sites. We have experience creating custom website designs that will show off the products your company offers, all while integrating your branding throughout the site. Together our web designers and web developers create the perfect harmony.


What is your vision of a great website and how would it look?  Let’s work together to create a unique website that speaks boldly about your brand.  Call us today at (717) 517-9103 or contact us here.



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