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Video production is an outstanding way to share your brand with the world, and is one of the most popular media types today. Film production allows you to share your story in a way static words can not. At Tower, the possibilities of film production are endless. There are many uses for producing videos when it comes to your business, such as interviews of your business leaders about industry trends, customer testimonials, or employee testimonials. Some use video to create a tutorials about their services, or a ‘how-to’ about their products. Others create a series of advertisements, or use video for a viral marketing purposes. No matter what your need is, we can work with you to establish the best approach for your video.

Video Production Process:

  1. Identify the need, goals, audience and placement: Without the first step, the rest of the video production process would be hard to execute.
  2. Storyboards: This helps to breakdown what still-frames the video will include. Storyboards allow you to see how the audio and video will match up, so that you can make adjustments before any recordings begin.
  3. Lights, Camera, Action: Our team will secure all of the moving elements needed to make the day-of video production seamless for you. We will be on the scene of the filming throughout to ensure every last shot is taken.
  4. Video Editing: The video editors will then work their magic to scrub each second of the tape in order to produce a more streamlined version for reviewing.
  5. Revisions: This is the point at which you, the client,gets a sneak peak of the video and are able to provide feedback on how you’d like it to be perfected.
  6. Implementation: We take your feedback and polish the video for final placement. Now that you have a great video, it’s time to get it in front of your audience. Not sure what formats you will need? No problem – we can take care of packaging the video for a commercial, online integration, or any other needs you may have.

We will be involved, helping you through each step of the film production process. In the end, your video will say a million words! It will encompass all the elements and details needed to communicate your message to your audience.


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