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Do you need a business logo?

A great business logo design can make a big difference in your brand’s appearance. At Tower, our creative team will identify all of the things that makes your company unique; but we don’t stop there. We are able to take a step back, identify your audience, and craft a one-of-a-kind logo that will encompass all that makes your company great!

Building a brand identity goes beyond just a business logo design. Whether you are a local mom-and-pop shop or world-wide sensation, setting yourself apart from the rest is crucial for success. As a graphic design leader in Lancaster PA, we will create a cohesive, consistent company image that carries from print (stationary, packaging design, outdoor advertising) to digital (web design, social media, seo), leveraging your brand.


blog :: The Light in the Forest

Think of your website as a tree-house in the middle of a vast, dark forest that’s cold, dark, dense, and utterly silent. Your prospects are…

Michael K. Matus
September 22, 2009 12:00 am
Walsky Investment Management - Logo Design Pa

spotlight :: Walsky Investment Management Logo

Walsky Investment Management Logo Walsky Investment Management, Inc. is an independent registered investment advisory firm located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Since 1996, they have provided investment management services to private investors throughout the United States. Their firm offers investment opportunities based on investing in companies that have growing dividends and strong…