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PPC has an immediate impact on the web

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be complex and overwhelming, but has the immediate impact of driving quality traffic to specific landing pages on your website. Our local PPC team here in Lancaster, PA, conducts keyword research and analysis to establish the best terms that will give you a strong return on your investment using Google Adwords.


What’s involved in creating a PPC campaign

Our strategy to creating a successful PPC campaign, includes developing targeted ad copy (using the keyword research) and implementing your campaign through Google Adwords. Unlike other agencies, we do not set it up and leave it, we track what ads are preforming the best and make calculated and creative adjustments to ensure your strongest ads are running at full potential! All of our clients receive a monthly comprehensive marketing report that includes the pay per click campaign performance and any recommendations to ensure the largest ROI.


Our PPC services include:

  •  Keyword research and analysis – Tower Marketing will generate a list of keywords that best explain and suit your product or services
  • Creating the Ad Copy – using the keywords we will write the adcopy that targeted search users will see. This will include offers and call-to-actions to guide users to your landing page
  • Creating a campaign strategy – we will create multiple campaigns using Google Adwords and manage the campaigns using Google’s tools
  • Perpetual Performance Optimization – we will continually build-up different campaigns so they are using the right amount of budget to reach your specific target market
  • Reporting on PPC performance – we will provide monthly reporting showing click-through-rates, conversions and other relevant information resulting from the paid search campaigns

Contact Tower Marketing to learn more about how we can help your business with paid advertising and PPC campaign management.

Pay Per Click Advertising

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