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    Everything There Is to Know About Optimizing Local Listings on Google

    I won’t start off this blog yet again explaining why local search is so important for SEO. It just is. If you’re not convinced, look here, here and here. OH! And here. Rather, I’m going to deep-dive into the good stuff: optimizing local listings on Google’s very own Snack Pack. A Brief History of the […]

    Making Your Website Easy to Use: The Importance of User Interface

    An interface is simply where two things meet and interact. They happen almost every second of every day: on your drive to work you used the car’s interface, on your cell phone you used its mobile interface, and currently, you are reading a blog on Tower Marketing’s user interface.  In web development, User Interface (UI) […]

    Are Graphic Design Grids Really Important?

    Graphic design grids are a constant hot topic between our designers and developers. Our designers want freedom! We want to break free from the grid and go rouge but we are constantly held back by our developers “preaching the grid.” I get it. It makes sense. But sometimes sticking to the grid feels restrictive. Grids are important. […]

    Say Hi to Abby Dixon! Tower’s New Project Coordinator

    We’re back again to introduce the newest member of #TeamTower, our Project Coordinator, Abby Dixon! Her background in graphic design and marketing give her a great base of knowledge for tackling the variety of projects that our clients bring her way! She’s also an art- and cupcake-lover. What else should you know about Abby? She’ll […]

    tower after hours – episode 15: trends of 2017

    We are kicking off 2017 with our first Tower After Hours podcast of the year! In this episode, join Kelly, Mike Matus, Kimber, and Alyssa as they discuss their predictions on web design and content trends of 2017 and why Amazon Prime media rocks.   Ikea is Making Us Giggle with Their New Campaign: 0:48 – […]

    What I’ve Learned From Running a Business: 20 Lessons for 20 Years

    Here are the 20 things I’ve learned from running a business that’s celebrating its 20th Anniversary this month. 1. Quickbooks is the devil. I know accountants swear by it. But Quickbooks and me . . . not friends. This is why I stopped balancing my checkbook at home. 2. Somebody’s making a lot of money […]

    Blog Challenge Check-in and Measuring Your Online Success

    I’m not sure which statement is more shocking, that we’re already halfway through the month of January or that we’re halfway through our third blog challenge! Each year we gear up to put our nose to the grind and blister through 30 days of blogging. But, it’s the check-in moments, like this one, where we […]

    List of Major Google Algorithm Updates 2016

    It is a privilege, not a right to have our websites listed on Google search results. Google has an anti-spam team whose sole purpose is to look for websites that are abusing this privilege by trying to manipulate how the Google algorithm interprets ranking signals. Below is a list of the major Google Algorithm updates […]

    A Look At Web Development Changes In My Lifetime

    Having just crossed Tower Marketing’s 20-year mark, it’s fun to look back at some of the most important web development changes that have occurred over the last 20 years. In the Beginning During the early days, I would sit with a very thick HTML book, a text editor, and a whole lot of expectations. It […]

    4 Misconceptions About Mobile Friendly Versus Responsive Websites

    You’ve probably experienced the irritation of clunky websites that don’t display nicely on your phone or tablet. You have to zoom to find information or have trouble clicking on the site’s tiny buttons. In your frustration, you exclaim, “Why isn’t this site mobile friendly?!” Believe it or not, these types of websites may be considered […]