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    Tower After Hours – Episode 19: Our Advice on Recording a Podcast

    In this episode of Tower After Hours, we’re featuring Kelly, Mike, Alyssa, and Kimber. This crew represents the people who participated in some of our earliest attempts at podcasting. This is important because we’re discussing how we started our marketing podcast and offering advice for anyone interested in recording a podcast of their own. Have […]

    Hiring A Summer Intern? Here Are 4 Tips to Land Yourself a Busy Bee!

    The summer months have finally arrived… meaning it is time to hire an intern! However, one can’t help but wonder… how do you know you’ve found ‘the right intern?’ What is the planning process for anticipating your intern? Do not worry, you are not alone in wondering what the process of hiring a summer intern is […]

    Slim Down Your Website’s Pages – Get Rid Of The Bloat

    To carry on the theme of spring cleaning, I am going to talk about cleaning up your site and how to get rid of the bloat that may be costing you visits and leads. If you publish content on a regular basis, such as blog posts, podcasts, or videos, your site will inevitably grow over […]

    Clean Out Your Ineffective Marketing Strategy: What To Keep, What To Toss

    Everybody has one. We all have a dirty little secret we hope no one ever finds.  I’m talking about a junk drawer (or closet or an entire garage) filled with all the little things we find around the house that we convince ourselves we will need at a later date. So we shove them away […]

    Organizing Your Social Media Plan to Simplify Your Workload

    The weather is getting warmer and the office is getting busier! This month we are focusing on ways you can spring clean and organize your company’s online efforts. As your office gets more hectic, with spring and summer right around the corner, you might lose track of keeping up with your social agenda. We are […]

    Tower After Hours – Episode 18: Keep, Toss, or Update?

    We’ve got another Tower After Hours podcast coming your way. Join Kelly, Alyssa, Mike, and Chris as they step up to the microphones and attempt to inform and entertain. In this episode, we’re focused on spring cleaning – tossing out old misconceptions, letting go of outdated techniques, and giving your online presence a refresh. Chris’ Rant […]

    Your Product Package Speaks Volumes: Packing Done Right

    Good product packaging is like the healthy skin on a body. The human mindset can often only see as far as the packaging of a product and good packaging can severely impact your customer’s psyche about your product/service. The design and the appearance of your packaging should always provide a hint as to the brand and the product […]

    How To Make An Infographic Most Effective

    So you’ve been creating blog content for your website for quite some time.  But blog after blog after blog can get a little tiresome.  If you’re ready to round out your content marketing plan, the next logical step would be to create an infographic to support your written content. Not quite sure how to make […]

    Business Blog Challenge: 15 Pieces of Content You Need To Create This Year

    We have some avid readers on #TeamTower, and each year we put ourselves to the test with the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. We’re putting a spin on this personal challenge by creating our own business blog challenge checklist, outlining 15 pieces of content that business bloggers should create for their B2C or B2B website by the […]

    Lancaster’s Best Content Awards 2017 Edition!

    We know the Academy Awards were a few weeks ago, but we can’t help ourselves; we’re still feeling that Oscar buzz and the whiplash of that never-to-forget Best Movie faux pas. What better way to keep the drama and magic going than to create our very own awards? It’s no secret that we’re a Lancaster-proud […]