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    The Similarities Between Local and International Marketing: Bob’s Burgers vs. Burger King (Part II)

    This week, we continue our comparison between Bob’s Burgers* and Burger King by looking at the similarities between the two’s marketing strategies (if you missed last week’s, catch up on the differences here). Whether you’re flippin’ burgers in a small town or selling fries in forty different countries, there are several marketing strategies that are […]

    The Differences between Local Marketing and International Marketing: Bob’s Burgers vs. Burger King (Part I)

    There are monumental differences between local marketing and international marketing…or so we would think. As usual, I’m here to burst bubbles. While local and international marketing strategies may appear, from the outside, to be worlds apart, it’s a digital world and local businesses are seeing just as much marketing success as their national and international […]

    Tower After Hours: Episode 16 – “FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. That is an F for Fear!”

    After some early technical difficulty, the third time was a charm and we successfully recorded the newest episode of our digital marketing podcast, Tower After Hours. Listen in as Kelly, Ashleigh, Kimber, Tim, and Mike touch base on the right way to provide design feedback, creating FOMO, and our thoughts on the future of local […]

    Is Duplicate Content on Multiple Locations Pages Really Bad?

    As a small business owner, and even as a web user yourself, you probably understand that people most often search for a local business using the formula “service + city.” Understanding this user behavior, it makes sense to optimize your website for these important keywords. Here’s an example, you run a preschool with a single […]

    3 Things I Learned From the 2017 Blog Challenge

    January 31 is one of the best days of the year. It marks the final day of our 30-Day Blog Challenge. The end of schedule shuffling, non-stop proofreading, and sending not-so-subtle reminders to team members that “I need to your blog tomorrow … or I’m coming for you.” Just as we do with every initiative […]

    What I Learned About The Web Design Process

    When I first landed my Graphic Design internship with Tower Marketing, what I was most excited to learn about was the web design process. Knowing that the web is continuously growing in popularity on a day-to-day basis, I felt that website design was an area that was vital to learn. The way that users interact […]

    5 SEO Writing Tips That Will Make Your Content Better

    When I began working at Tower, I joined an Internet Marketing team that promoted the approach of content, SEO, and social media working cohesively to create a holistic strategy. Working closely with a team of brilliant SEO professionals (Oh, hey guys! Did you see I just called you brilliant?!), I have picked up many SEO […]

    When You’re Stuck Brainstorming New Content Ideas

    It’s not always easy brainstorming new content ideas; especially when you’ve been blogging since Day One, and you feel as though you’ve covered every topic under the sun within your industry. Trust us, we’ve been there, staring at the blank piece of paper labeled “Amazing Content Topics for XYZ Month.” So what to do when […]

    Slack + WordPress = SlackPress

    As developers, we need a faster, simpler way to get information about the sites we are building. At Tower, we use Slack for internal communication and most of the sites we develop are done in WordPress, so why not make them work together? The Slack Piece Step One In your Slack app, go to the Settings […]

    Overused Marketing Terms We Can’t Even

    We all have industry buzz words that drive us crazy. In the world of digital, it feels like there is a new, hot word every other day. Below is a list of overused marketing terms that Team Tower cannot abide by, and a scale of 1-5 on whether it is acceptable to use at all. […]