Lancaster’s Best Content Awards 2017 Edition!

Kimber Dulin
March 15, 2017 3:19 pm


We know the Academy Awards were a few weeks ago, but we can’t help ourselves; we’re still feeling that Oscar buzz and the whiplash of that never-to-forget Best Movie faux pas.

What better way to keep the drama and magic going than to create our very own awards? It’s no secret that we’re a Lancaster-proud agency, and this month we’re celebrating the best of content marketing in our own city.

So pull out the popcorn, your bow-ties, and glittery dresses [again!] as we present the first-ever Tower Marketing’s Lancaster’s Best Content Awards.

Best Lancaster-Centric Blog: Discover Lancaster

Everybody knows if you’re looking for something to do in Lancaster, you need to look no further than Discover Lancaster.

Discover Lancaster takes the award for Best Lancaster-Centric Content for their Lancaster Stories from the Road that keeps fans, and visitors passing through, informed on charming first-hand accounts of events in Lancaster and surrounding counties.

If you’re not sure what to do this weekend, Lancaster Stories takes you inside the (literally hundreds) of possible to-dos to partake in throughout Lancaster: from covered bridge scooter tours to full-mooned nights in the Wolf Sanctuary.

Want a more structured schedule? Check out Discover Lancaster’s Mock-Itineraries for anything from a girl’s day to a more eclectic Lancaster sampler trip.

Best Interactive Content Piece: Lancaster Sound Map

Many people view Lancaster as a quiet and quaint town sitting amongst the tranquil hills of Amish country, but the City of Lancaster’s Public Art Program showed a different side to the city with their interactive Lancaster Sound Map and in doing so secured it’s spot as Best Interactive Content Piece.

The Lancaster Sound Maps captures the everyday noise that makes up Lancaster and tells sound snippet stories of regular Lancasterians throughout the city. Downtown, there are bells ringing, sidewalk chats about the name Isabella, and 13th Amendment speeches. Find yourself outside the bustle of Downtown and you’ll hear children’s laughter, skating, and whistle-blowing cross guards. 

Best Industry Writing: Rijuice

Lancaster is for the foodie. With the growing number of farm-to-table food restaurants, grocery stores and co-ops, and Central Market, standing out as a leader in the Lancaster food community can be difficult.

Rijuice is an organic, cold-pressed juice company native to Lancaster, PA and takes our award for Best Industry Writing for Lancaster County. More than just a fluff blog about the benefits of healthy eating, Rijuice provides detailed outlines of the nutritional benefits of certain foods and eating habits.

Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about rhubarb or why turmeric is the super spice you didn’t know you need more of at dinner. If you’re an athlete, Rijuice has an entire blog dedicated to super-eating pre- and post-workout. And for those that feel they lack a green thumb, Rijuice targets the gardening novice and the expert.

Best Branded Content: Tellus360

Tellus360 may be the cool hang for happy hours, open mic night, and weekend silent dance discos, but the Lancaster marketing super-force doesn’t stop there. Tellus360 takes the award for Best Branded Content in Lancaster; specifically for their compelling guest blog contributions that solidify Tellus360’s mission as more than just a bar, but a place for artists to share their stories. We were particularly impressed with the conclusion of the four-part series by Shawna Stoltzfoos.

Best Resource: ASSETS

Besides the fact that ASSETS is, in and of itself, a valuable resource for the social good sector in Lancaster, their blog shines a light on the hard work of individuals and Lancaster community as a whole.

By outlining female entrepreneurial powerhouses in Lancaster, writing user-friendly reports on Lancaster’s economy and explaining how social good organizations can stimulate that growth in big ways, ASSETS provides a much-needed, statistical, and fresh perspective, on the social growth of Lancaster county.

Best Visual Content:

Not only does the Lancaster Stroopies Company produce undeniably delicious treats, but their infographics on the Stroopie-making process, and what Stroopies are right for you, are pretty enough to eat (or maybe I’m just really hungry…it’s almost lunch).

Learn more about the Lancaster Stroopies Company’s staple dessert and enjoy the winner of our Best Visual Content award.

Stroopies Lancaster infographic

Best Storytelling Chops

It’s not hard to imagine why FIG Magazine would win for our Best Storytelling Chops award. The much anticipated yearly edition of FIG Stories turns what would appear as ordinary citizens into extraordinary stories that inspire us, challenge us, and occasionally pull at our heart strings.

Learn about the lives and careers of some of Lancaster’s greatest characters including eyewear inventors, strategic thinking superheroes, and a web engineer / restauranteur / art lover.

Best Community Engagement: Lancaster Online

In today’s world, it’s not always easy to balance and accept the onslaught of opinions aimed at the media; especially unfavorable ones. But Lancaster Online wins Best Community Engagement for their unapologetic approach to featuring community letters to their editors from all sides of the aisle.

As many as will fit on a page, or a few pages as the case may be, Lancaster Online shares the good, bad, and the ugly of their audience’s opinions and highlights even more in their “In Your Words” video series.

To ensure a balanced share of opinions, editors sift through every single letter written, check the facts of each, and keep a running tally as to what sides of the political aisle they are sharing on a daily basis. Have something to say? You can be sure they want to hear from you.

Best Social Content:

Social media is where you tell your brand’s story. Lancaster is filled with amazing social media accounts to follow, which made this selection even more difficult, but the Mise en Place Store (@misenplacekitchenstore) has such a distinct Instagram that it stole our Best Social Content spot.

You know, irrevocably, when you are looking at a Mise en Place post. Each piece of photography is hand-crafted in such a way that you can’t help but feel the kitchen tool envy growing inside of you.  From kitchen gift guides and their best selling bowl sets to perfectly placed coffee beans and lemon zesters, Mise en Place knows how to entice and delight.

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What are some of your favorite Lancaster content pieces? Who should we be following?

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