Hiring A Summer Intern? Here Are 4 Tips to Land Yourself a Busy Bee!

Meghan Kennedy
April 27, 2017 6:33 pm

The summer months have finally arrived… meaning it is time to hire an intern! However, one can’t help but wonder… how do you know you’ve found ‘the right intern?’ What is the planning process for anticipating your intern?

Do not worry, you are not alone in wondering what the process of hiring a summer intern is truly like.

Below we have outlined four tips to help land the right intern for your organization!

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1: How Do You Know You Have Found… The One?

Of course, I’m not referring to the love of your life. However, make sure that when hiring an intern, you look out for many of the same characteristics:

  • Desire & Passion

    • An intern that is interested in your company’s initiatives is important because it correlates with their genuine contribution.
  • Their Academic Involvement

    • Yes, this matters. You could be looking at a resume with no internship experience (which is okay!) and wonder what have they done? A resume highlights a students’ ambitions outside of the classroom; a very enlightening trait in an aspiring professional.
  • Spunk

    • Personality is key. You want a likable person to positively impact your office culture.


2. Plan Ahead of Time for Your Intern 

You know how a teacher sets out a lesson plan for students? Embrace that same mentality when hiring your intern, put your teacher hat on. Here are a few key items to note:

  • Pick a Mentor for Your Intern

    • It’s smart to set up a mentor for your intern; someone that your intern can go to for leadership and guidance while working on tasks. The mentor can even be yourself! If not you, then designate someone relative to the department your intern will work within. By doing this, an intern feels more welcomed.
  • Outline Important Tasks

    • Set up a light operating rhythm for the intern. Their daily tasks should include work you think they’d be capable of handling. This includes producing timelines for each assigned task, so you can then quantify how long it takes the intern to complete each measurable item. This teaches the intern to not only time management, but a ‘day in the life’ of someone within their desired industry.
  • Pick Meetings/Outings They Can Shadow

    • Remember, an intern accepts an internship to see what ‘the real world’ is like… so plan to take them on meetings, whether it exposes your intern to simplistic industry discussions, brainstorming sessions, clients’ meetings, or even company quarterly goals.


3. Welcome Your Intern with Open Arms!

It’s official, your intern put his/her adult pants on and they’re probably nervous as hell. Make sure that you make their first week welcoming by doing the following action items:

  • Plan a Department/Team Lunch on The Intern’s First Day

  • Gift Your Intern Office Keepsakes

    • Shower your intern with company t-shirts, mugs, pens or whatever stuff you have. This gets your brand exposure outside the workplace, and it’s a nice gift that makes your intern feel even more welcomed. Oh, and a department signed card is also a nice gesture.
  • Outline Your Open-Door Policy

    • Make sure your intern knows to report to you, or their mentor, directly with issues. This is important because, depending on the task at hand, it could be critical that your intern addresses a finding, concern or issue right away.


4. Track Performance & Keep Rapport

Again, this internship opportunity is prepping your intern for their first job outside of school. Any sort of performance feedback that you can provide to your intern will strengthen their skills within their anticipated industry.

Once an intern concludes their internship with your organization- thank them, genuinely. There is a lot of tedious work handed off to interns nowadays, so you want to be sure that you share your gratitude for having them on your team. That strong exit and rapport will leave your intern in good standing with your company and strengthen your overall relationship with the intern’s college/university.

Do you know a college student looking for an internship opportunity? Tower is now hiring our very own Summer Intern! Check out our careers page to learn more.


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