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a lesson that’s over 250 years old.

Benjamin Franklin related to Thomas Jefferson an anecdote about a hatter who wanted a signboard to help sell his wares. The man wanted a creative message that would read, “John Thompson, hatter, makes and sells hats for ready money.”

He took his request to an experienced sign maker, who agreed to help. As he gathered his tools, the sign maker considered how he might craft the best sign possible to help further the success of the man and his business. First, he thought, the word “hatter” seemed superfluous. Next, he could leave out “ready money,” since nobody expected credit. “Makes” could go because it should be self-evident. And finally, since Thompson did not propose to give the hats away, the word “sells” could go. With these thoughts in mind, he set to work. When the sign maker had completed his task and the man had proudly hung his new sign, the name “John Thompson” and the picture of a hat were all that remained.


The Moral Of The Story:

A hatter may know about hats, but when it comes to selling them he surely may benefit from some good marketing advice and being creative.

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