Clean Out Your Ineffective Marketing Strategy: What To Keep, What To Toss

Kelly Howard
April 20, 2017 5:12 pm

Everybody has one. We all have a dirty little secret we hope no one ever finds.  I’m talking about a junk drawer (or closet or an entire garage) filled with all the little things we find around the house that we convince ourselves we will need at a later date. So we shove them away and forget about them until the drawer is ready to burst. Sometimes we just need to tackle our junk drawer and play a cathartic game of “Keep or Toss!”

The same can be said for the ineffective marketing strategy you’ve been using year after year. You keep moving along with it because you think it’s working. But, maybe it’s time to give your marketing plan a spring cleaning and decide which tactics to keep and which ineffective marketing tactics to toss, once and for all (PS… we played a quick version of this game in our most recent Tower After Hours podcast, so you can hear more there!).

team of people in office tossing crumpled paper into waste basket

Guest Posting – TOSS IT!

I’m coming strong right out of the gate!  While guest posts don’t need to be tossed completely, they can still be a strong part of your link building strategy, it’s certainly time to take another look at how you’re using them.

Guests posts should not be used as an opportunity for you to drive traffic to your product pages. With guest posting, your goal is to share your expertise on a particular topic with a wider audience. When you include links in your content, they should serve to provide further information on the topic to the reader. You can link to additional articles you’ve written on the subject, to references where you pulled statistics or direct quotes, or to another page that adds value. But fooling the reader into clicking over to a hard sell is not how the format is intended.

Influencer Outreach – KEEP IT!

Building off the guest posting element of link building, we highly recommend the tactic of influencer outreach. Like guest posting, the root purpose of influencer outreach is to build links back to your site, but instead of hyping up yourself, you let influencers do it for you. Influencer outreach involves finding individuals who are relevant to your industry and who are held in high esteem by your target audience and working with them to spread your company’s message. They can review your product, share content you’ve previously created, be the subject of an interview, or participate in a social media “hang out.”  In the end, influencer outreach is all about getting your name out to a larger audience.

Be warned, influencer outreach is not quick and easy. It involves slowly and naturally building a relationship with your influencers — commenting on their blog or social posts, sharing their content, and then sending a very personalized request that shows them that you value their efforts.

Mobile Apps – TOSS IT!

This one comes with a disclaimer. Toss mobile apps only if you have a well-built, responsive website that loads quickly. Otherwise, you are spending ineffective marketing dollars and doing double the work.

We know there are some apps that would never work as a website, so we certainly don’t proclaim that the app movement is completely dead. But, we also know that there are a whole lot of mobile apps that have been created that didn’t have to be. When you already have a great responsive website, there’s no reason to encourage users to leave your site to download an app.

Keyword Rankings – TOSS IT!

To this day, we still have clients who tell us, “I need to rank in the first position for ABC keyword.”  Or we hear, “XYZ keyword fell two places in the search results. What’s happening??”  Nothing is happening, except for the fact that they are using an ineffective marketing technique and an out-dated method of measuring their SEO success.

Did you know that where your website lands in certain search results can change depending on what computer you use, what city you’re searching in, what other searches you made recently, or other websites you visited?  This is why we consider keyword rankings to be such an unreliable indicator of how well your site is performing. Instead, we suggest you focus on more concrete performance indicators for your website:

  • Domain Authority
  • Reach (organic, referral, direct, and social traffic)
  • Average Time on Site
  • Average Page Views

Content Creation – KEEP IT!

Content is King!  Content is Dead!  Who knows anymore! No one truly knows, but here’s my take. Toss your ineffective content marketing plan if it consists of:

  • Blogs posted sporadically about whatever topic jumps into your mind
  • Blogs posted every single day that really don’t say very much
  • Blogs consisting of written content only – every single one of them

Content creation is an important factor in SEO and overall internet marketing success, but it has to be done right. Keep going with content creation if you’re utilizing keyword research to ensure you’re addressing topics that users want to know about, creating different kinds of content, adding content to your site consistently, and sharing your content on your social channels.

If you’re stuck on ways to expand your content creation beyond blog on top of blog, implement the 15 pieces of content we suggest you create this year!

Video Backgrounds – TOSS IT!

I’m calling out video backgrounds specifically here, but really you should be tossing any web design elements that are sacrificing your page load speed. Also in the same category are implementing complex, preload animations and choosing fonts that aren’t web-friendly.

Are there any ineffective marketing tactics that you’re ready to toss to the curb?  Let us know what’s just not working for you!

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